How does the Audiounit/VST file actually get created on OSX?

I’ve been trying to get my projects + Juce to build outside of XCode for a while now, and I’m very close. On linux, I was able to generate a working VST ( by following the makefile, but on OSX, I’m not sure how I would similarly make an AU.

I’m looking in XCode and I see that it pulls in shared code (I think this means something like the target mentioned above, perhaps that’s what MyPlugin.a is) and builds the relevant plugin client library (juce_audio_plugin_client_*.{cc,mm}) with this RecentFilesMenuTemplate.nib file, links in the various OSX frameworks and magically a file appears somewhere. Is there a command line that would produce the same effect?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Perhaps you should have a look at the CLion exporter and the CMakeLists.txt file that it generates.

All the command lines are in Xcode!

Show the Report navigator (CMD+8), click on the build you’re interested in in the left side bar, and click on All Messages to show also successful steps. Then you can click on the button that shows up on the far right of each step (see the Link step in the following screenshot) to reveal the command line that Xcode executes (like for the Create product structure and Process Info-AU.plist steps):


On MacOS, plugins are bundles. Just directories that don’t look like directories in Finder.

Thanks, everyone. Much appreciated.

Regarding the Process Info step do you know how one would go about generating PkgInfo and Info.plist without builtin-infoPlistUtility?
This seems to indicate that I can’t, but that tool doesn’t seem to be doing anything highly sophisticated anyhow.