How to fix these lots of can’t open?

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Open the .jucer project in Projucer, check that the modules paths are pointing to existing folders, then re-save the project.

I hope this helps.

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why nothing comes out when I click that button

tutorial demo project

Did you compile the example with ListenersAndBroadcastersTutorial_04.h file?


#include <JuceHeader.h>
#include "ListenersAndBroadcastersTutorial_04.h"

Notice that in general:

  1. You should open a new thread for a new question.
  2. Community will appreciate less pictures and more explanations.

How in visual studio 2019? I thought just click local windows debugger is fine

You just have to edit the Main.cpp file with your favourite text editor to replace that line:

#include "ListenersAndBroadcastersTutorial_01.h"

with that line:

#include "ListenersAndBroadcastersTutorial_04.h"


But IMHO you should learn a bit the basis of C++ before to try to learn JUCE.
You would lose less time in trial and error series.
And as a bonus it should be more friendly for people that spend time to help you.

wait, why 04? another .h is 01

The tutorials provide various headers (suffixed with a number) at different stages of the project.
You must include the good one at compilation to see the feature.