How to make a supersaw (detuning) and pitch it down?

Hello guys,

im fairly new to JUCE and C++, so I’m sorry if this question is really obvious or has already been covered (I couldn’t find anything to my problem though)

So, I want to create a Synthesiser in which I can change the number of voices in it (in real time) and detune them - so how to do that? I have no Idea how I am supposed to get all the voices and detune them (btw, what is detuning at all? is it just randomizing the frequency in a specific range or a voice or is there more to that?)
For anyone wondering, I’m trying to do something like a supersaw

And then there’s my next question: how to pitch it down afterwards so it becoms something like a reese bass?

I’d really appreciate it if some1 sat down with me and helps me out with that

Also sorry for my English mistakes, English is not my native language

Thank you guys in advance

This is more of a sound design question, than a JUCE / C++ coding question. I would first try and create what you want to achieve using tools like Reaktor or Max/MSP.

Detuning, as replied to in your other thread, is just having copies of the same voice tuned apart, usually a small amount of cents around the main note frequency.