How to sell a JUCE/OpenGL app on Windows

Hey foks! I'm porting my C++/OpenGL app ( to Windows and thinking of using JUCE :)

Given that my app (currently Mac/iOS) uses in-app purchases and OpenGL, how shall I go about selling my app on Windows? What app stores can I use? (as I understand it windows store apps can't use OpenGL)

(I realize this isn't a JUCE-specific question, but I thought people around here might know :)


- Taylor

Nice-looking app, congrats! Hope you decide to bring it over to the juce world!

If it's of any interest, we're about to release the Tracktion marketplace website soon, which will essentially be an app-store for plugins (or any kind of audio app, I guess).

That will use a juce module to automatically handle the user registration/unlocking handshaking process, so should be really easy to integrate into a juce app. (This module will also be designed to allow it to be used with other websites too, so you could also use it as an easy way to roll your own web-store if you wanted to do that). I'll be releasing the module sometime in the next week..

Jules, thanks!

Do you have a launch timeframe for the marketplace? I'm aiming to release by the end of October.

I mistakenly assumed that the Tracktion Marketplace is for Tracktion only, but I saw you mentioned elsewhere on the forum that it's for anything built with JUCE (the API looks nice too!). So should I be worried about potential customers jumping to the same conclusion?


It's currently in beta, all going well and should be ready soon! Best to ping for more details, as I'm not too heavily involved in the web stuff.