How to uninstall JUCE in linux?

I want to uninstall juce from my linux ubuntu but it is not uninstalling it keeps saying path not found please help me.

What did you tried? How do you have installed it?

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I did not know JUCE had an installer? Don’t you just delete the JUCE folder?

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Actually I had installed it incorrectly. Now I have uninstalled it. And there is already projucer available in Ubuntu Software Center so you don’t need to download it from any other site.

IMHO just download it from there < Tags · juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub >, put the JUCE folder in you HOME directory, and that’s it. It is super easy, specially if you don’t need to register (using it GPL).

The Projucer into the Ubuntu Software Center seems to be the 5.4.7~ds0-1 version. AFAIK it is pretty old. I don’t know from where it comes from, but i’m not sure that use the JUCE API provided anywhere else than the official distribution is a good idea.

My 2 cents.