I need an advice, ideally from seasoned developers

Hello world, I’m serious about becoming an audio software developer(focus on VST instruments). I’m fairly versed in javascript and understand the general idea of data structures. My intention was to transition to C++ and explore popular frameworks such as Juce. Then there’s Soul, which looks very promising but lacking resources If you’re someone just getting started. I’m used to thousand of javascript tutorials and courses available on YouTube and Udemy.
So, what is the recommended approach for someone that is just getting started? Should I get proficient at C++ and Juce, or try to figure out Soul on my own(Soul GitHub documentation is solid) or should I learn both? All advice welcome.



My advice would be to use established methods building audio plugins first. Probably C++ in JUCE. There’s so much more out there in terms of resources to learn and compare approaches. SOUL hit v1.0.0 recently and is truly awesome. But in terms of learning it might be better to wait for further maturity? And by that point you’ll be a rock star programmer :rofl: and you will pick SOUL up more easily anyway! Good luck, but as you say it would be great to see others chime in. That’s only my 2p/2c worth!

Thanks martinrobinson. Good advice. I think I’m gonna focus on C++ and JUCE and build a solid foundation. And as you said I can have a smoother transition to Soul if that’s the way of the future.