SOUL vs JUCE for a noob

Okay so I am not a programmer by trade, but a product designer. However, if you want to make Audio products, you’re gonna have to get your hands dirty at some point. I know my arduino stuff, but I want to move past just MIDI controllers and into products that create actual audio.

I’ve watched the SOUL announcement talk, and thought it made a lot of sense. The language seems rather straightforward and I really like that. However, there is next to no example or tutorial content for SOUL… in stark contrast to JUCE…

So as someone with a clear idea of the kind of product they want to make (DJ deck, linux/RPi based, streamlined featureset), which language should I invest in: SOUL or JUCE? Is it worthwhile to wait for SOUL to get more tutorial content? Should I just jump in and get my hands dirty with SOUL? Is the support and tutorials for JUCE just way better?

SOUL is a language purely for processing audio.

JUCE is a framework that includes modules for audio processing, as well as a lot of GUI stuff, and general utilities.

If you’re building a full product then JUCE would be the way to go. You can always use SOUL within a JUCE project. For example:

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