Jules Storer interview on The Audio Programmer Podcast

We are privileged to have a very special guest on this Audio Programmer Podcast!!

Our guest is @jules one of the most influential figures in the world of audio programming. Jules is the founder of JUCE - a widely used framework which is one of the only options publicly available that allows cross-platform audio development from a single code base.

If that weren’t enough, Jules has recently unveiled SOUL (Sound Language), which he is developing to help alleviate some of the most difficult problems audio developers face.

We spoke about JUCE and SOUL, his career path, challenges of developing a coding framework vs a product, the future of audio development, and more!

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Thanks Joshua.

@ed95, you got some high praise from the man, man. For those of us who want to get good but are doing this alone, do you have any tips? Favorite book, resource, material? Etc


Having Jules scrutinise each line of code you write certainly helps, however he’s a bit busy at the moment. Getting another pair of eyes on your code is invaluable though so maybe try contributing to some open source projects or get involved in some online C++ communities where you can post some code for others to rip apart.


@arifd we help each other as much as possible in The Audio Programmer discussion group.

It can be a challenge when looking for review of the code base of someone’s entire project (everyone’s busy), but for digestible snippets we’re always happy to lend a hand!

Hi Ed,

It’s actually from an open source project that I came to Juce in the first place! But that has sort of dried up now. I would like to do more of this, fake it before you make it, kind of approach. (by that I mean contributing to projects for free until you’re worth being paid to do so!)

Any advice on how to find such open source projects to contribute to, or better still, how to go about choosing which one you are going to dedicate your time on?

Many thanks.

I don’t know there’s a “right” answer to that question…a good place to start is by looking for projects that are interesting to you!