Where do I get started? New here, to programming and to JUCE. Thanks!

Hello! My name is Steven, I’m new here and generally to this “project” I have in mind and to all of this in general. My dream is to in say like the next five to ten years or so to create some custom open source hardwares and softwares using JUCE, and other open source work like maybe something with or using stuff from the Arduino line ect. & maybe something like a Raspberry Pi or whatever and then maybe try to work in the iOS platform and in time Android… Possibly using Xamarin… I’ve heard from others on another forum that it may not be the best but for what I’m wanting/ going for I think it’ll work being I want to be as open and versatile as I can while getting done what it is I need done.

I’m already studying C & C++ and plan to get back into studying C# if Xamarin does end up being what I use as well as Obj-C in order to bride the gaps I need bridged etc.

I know I have a long road a head but I think I may be on the rite path… I really think that JUCE is an amazing framework and I look forward to playing with it in and into the future but I’m just wondering where/ how it is I should start with all of this. Anyone have any suggestions? And does anybody know of any video tutorials or courses I could enroll in? Any help welcome! Thank you very much!

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The JUCE tutorials page is a good place to start learning how to use JUCE.

Hi, I’ve been doing JUCE and C++ specificallt for a bit more than a year now, and can recommend following the tutorials, but generally what I think helps the most in learning something is actually having a project or several smaller projects that you’d like to create and just go for it! Code won’t be great, but as long as you reflect on how you could make something better you’ll probably be fine in the end

I would also try to focus on one language at a time unless they bridge together in whatever you’re trying to build!

Also the Getting started with JUCE-book helped me, though it’s becoming a bit dated as JUCE moves forward

Good luck!

I’d recommended personally:

  1. Buy a thin book about C++, learn basic concepts and grammar of it.
  2. Read JUCE API Document as much as possible.
  3. Seriously study the complete code of JUCE Demo, try to understand and write down comments for every line.
  4. Do some real small project.
  5. Come here every day.


Also some youtube videos, first Timur C++ in audio industry and 2nd episode atomics etc.

And then there is the #juce channel on irc.freenode.org where some juce users help each others…

Have Fun!


Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it! I would love to… once I get a grasp on it, if I ever do. to work on creating some video tutorials and maybe some sort of course on YouTube and Udemy or something… kind of a big dream but it’s something I would really like to do/ work on eventually. :slight_smile: But to be honest I hope someone else does before I do because I could really use the help! lol.

Anyways, thanks again!

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