Newbie guidance on correct path to take

Hi All,

I am new to C++ and have only just discovered Juce and was wondering what the correct path to take is when learning Juce.

Should I spend more time Learning C++ or should I try and jump in 'at the deep end' and start trying to use JUCE alongside learning C++?

I was wondering if I could make the process of learning C++ more exciting by intergrating JUCE into the learning process, and being able to experiment in basic graphics, instead of following temp conversion programs from text books etc.


Should I just plod on with the text books and Youtube Tutorials on C++ or should I try an use JUCE with my studies?

Can anyone suggest abny really good C++ books or online tutorials for the beginner?

Thanks for any advise.


It's been a long time since I learned C++ so I don't really know what would be good advice these days!

I'd have thought that writing graphical juce code would be a more fun experience than the standard command-line stuff that C++ tutorials normally focus on, but you do still need to read the textbooks and nail basic principals like good memory-management and RAII.