Learning C++



Hi all, a bit off-topic, but hope someone can help.
I’ve been putting off learning C++ for ooh, about ten years, and figure now might be the time to try. I love the look and feel of Juce, and gather it may make my C++ life easier at first in the gui department, and then later in other ways.

I’ve coded a bit over the years, but mostly in what people consider the noddy languages - originally zx spectrum basic (back in the 80s!) then after a considerable break things like VB6 and various web scripting languages like asp, javascript, php, shell scripts, a bit of perl etc. So i’m not completely clueless, but very much so in terms of pointers, memory management, grown up stuff.

I know this is the wrong forum for noddy C++ questions, so can someone point me towards a friendly beginners C++ forum where I can ask those?

Cheers. Pointers on good basics tutorials / books would also be welcome.



Please check this out.


Good luck! It’s been nearly 20 years since I learned c++, so the memories of how hard it was have mostly faded now…


I feared coding in C++, and tried to avoid it as far as possible. The first time I coded in C++ I used MFC, which most probably was the main contributor to this fear.

I started using JUCE, and my perception of C++ changed completely. It was then that I realised that its not actually C++ I feared, its more the crummy C++ implementations that are provided.

Now, with the C++ experience I gained with the beautiful JUCE implementation (and the excellent documentation), I have moved onto C kernel programming, and quite enjoy it. A few years ago I never ever would have pictured myself in this position.


Yeah, C++ is probably quite a scary thing to come at fresh. My recommendation is in the link already posted :slight_smile: personally, I learned C++ first by reading a C++ reference book [a Herb Schildt one], but i didn’t really get any work done from that. Sitting down with the Thinking in C seminars taught me the syntax, then reading the Thinking in C++ book taught me more stuff…

But really, it wasn’t until I actually started using Juce that I got anything worthwhile done. I can’t say that the experiments I did before that weren’t useful… but Juce is so straightforward and elegant, it made learning how to do things neatly very easy.

I can honestly say that I would never have made it this far in my coding career (hell, now I make games for a pretty top-rating games developer!) if it weren’t for Juce. It rekindled my passion for coding (which I thought had died!)


I have been recommending http://www.learncpp.com/

Copying and pasting the code from the examples into a standard Mac or Windows console app project works pretty well in most cases.

I have found the coding style a little less tricky for beginners than the thinking in C (etc) ones.


i’m learning c++ myself.

i found this to be a really great quick introduction, if you have a bit of existing programming knowledge: