Just discovered Juce ! hello

Hi all

Just came across Juce today, after having looked at a few different frameworks over the last few months.

I have a fair bit of previous programming experience - taught myself C at the age of 13, although I stopped a couple years later in favour of music and parties...  Did Computer Science + AI at Uni, and since then been alternately working in web development and making and releasing music. 

A year or so ago I helped a friend out doing some coding to create geometry in Unity 3D, which got me interested in coding for fun again (its been a long time!). A friend put me onto this 'Creative Coding' thing a few months ago, as I've been interested in doing 3D and animated geometry, as well as audio processing. I started looking at Cinder, but started looking elsewhere when I saw it does not support Android. Then I decided openFrameworks was the one, started playing with it last night and then today, in my search for a way to create VST/AU plugins I discovered Juce. 

So - looks like I need to get my C++ chops up to speed. Never really done it although my first proper language was C, and I've had experience in many OO languages, mainly Java, C# and Ruby, and mainly in the context of web development. I mainly use PHP at work now. 

I'd like to ask about any resources to point me in the right direction - I'm looking at the Morgan Robinson book, and also Scott Meyers 'Effective C++'.

Its funny I've been meaning to look into this stuff for over 10 years, as my real interest in programming was always doing low level stuff to create interesting and beautiful results, but always chose to pour my creative energy into music and sound design. 



Welcome! Hope you have fun!