Greetings, new to JUCE and getting back into C++

Hey all... Getting back into C++ programming after about 15 years or so. Been programming in other languages like VB, Web stuff, C# for many years now.  Wanting to get back into C++...   One of the things I recall about Windows programming in C++ was that it was no easy task. MFC was a chore. At least back then, not sure what it looks like now.  Looks like JUCE has a nice alternative to MFC (Which yes, I realize is only Windows based).

Anyway, what really drove me to get back into C++ was the fact that I have a MIDI device and I wanted to try and communicate with it via code. I was searching for MIDI libraries for C++ and ran across some posting on some site that suggested JUCE to some other person.  So, I came over and started taking a look. 

It looks like JUCE has a really good foothold into the audio world from what I can see based on the companies that use it. Some big names in the industry for sure!  Better yet, looks like you have some MIDI capabilities.  Having little to no experiance with ever doing any MIDI development that talks to hardware, I'm hoping your libraries can help me out.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and you will probably see me around a lot asking lots of questions while I try and figure out how to create my app.



Well, hope it works out for you!

Modern C++ is very different to the style we all wrote in 15 years ago, so it's probably a good idea to read some tutorials on c++11 and the modern idioms that you should use. We already get far too many code snippets posted on this forum containing "delete" statements or unnecessary heap allocations - please don't be one of those people!

Thanks Jules, I'll keep that in mind. As I have been ramping back up on C++, I have come across the fact that C++ has changed a bit.

That was a hint in my direction, in fact the first AND last time I used a delete - because I was running into a memory leak and needed to learn RAII the hard way. C++ programming has certainly changed, I also learned it (a bit) in the Win32API time.

I am starting to like it, now that I am finding a way of regular refactoring as I progress and learn.

I thank Jules for the great platform he has created, with many gems. But newcomers apparently also sometimes have to accept a slap in the face with a fish ;-) (which can hurt a bit if you have made many miles with other languages and platforms).



Thanks Peter, but actually I wasn't aiming that at you (or anyone else!) personally - we've had many truly terrible code snippets posted on here over the years, and I was just thinking of the countless delete statements and leaky code that I've seen go past.. You certainly aren't amongst the worst offenders! (It's the ex-java people who seem to be the worst!)

And or C# developers?  ;)

I remember back in college and my first job doing C++ pointers gave me hell.  I once created a dos app back in college. It was just a simple app that used pointers. Do some data manipulation involving pointers.  Well, i didn't do something right in my program and when I would run it, it somehow got up into the memory that dealt with printers associated to the computer, then would force the printer to start printing jibberish.