Starting from Level 0

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the general juce discussion, but here goes…

I have programmed before in a now dead programming environment, and I would like to learn a new environment. I’ve read a book on C a couple of years ago but I want to give juce and C++ a shot. What are the first few steps to take?



download Visual C++ Express from microsoft (it’s free), and the Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK SP1 (despite the name it’s for winXP too) and of course download juce.

jules has instructions for setting up VCExpress and compiling juce. (in the juce download)

get some C++ / Object Oriented Programming books. knowing some C is good I think (I didnt). start with the basics (ie hello world), not using juce.

then start farting about with the juce example project.

avoid most stuff (books) about win32 programming. Jules has kindly done all that crap for you.

read the jucedemo source code, and indeed the juce source itself: Jules is a very good programmer, very object orientated (code, not him).

and feel free to ask ask here!!

oh and welcome!


PS yes, general juce discussion is the place for this. this windows bit is more for windows specific problems.

Hi Rock, welcome to the forum!

I’m the wrong person to answer about first steps though - I’ve been doing this stuff so long that I can’t remember what it was like to be a beginner…

I’d imagine jumping straight into c++ is a hell of a learning curve, and although juce is simpler than a lot of libraries, it’s still a massive thing to try to learn about. Even I find myself forgetting bits of it.

Best plan is probably to start by messing with the demo app and hacking it around to try things out - and have in mind some kind of app you’d like to write, so you’ve got something to work towards.

thanks guys