Getting into C++ to start with JUCE

Hello! Im looking into different options to create VSTs and audio tools/software. I know C# pretty well but have been hesitant to get into JUCE because i have no experience with C++. So im sure i could do some things pretty easy but if i would like to create something worth using id probably would have to get pretty good knowledge in C++. So im wondering if there is someone who has done the same transition of learning C++ just for JUCE and could tell me about it? Also, i looked into HISE but from what i understood its limited when it comes to capabilities regarding outputting sound as files and also maybe loading samples. Does anyone have knowledge about this? I assume both would be possible with JUCE since its a C++ application if im correct?

I learned C++ whilst working on a JUCE product. I think buy a good book on the basics of C++, keep coding, keep making mistakes! I know a generic answer but it works and you’ll get there!

Thanks for the advice. I’m absolutely sure id get there. But I’m trying to research my options since time and energy is limited.

+1 for learning as you go.
I would stay away from HISE for now, since it is it’s own little eco system around and it locks you off from the current JUCE. It is certainly a quite evolved tool, but I think you will benefit more working a while in JUCE first.