I would like to vastly increase my C++ and Juce skillset, what projects would the more advanced programmers advise?

i have currently been able to build:

  • Distortion and Saturation tool
  • Compressor
  • Reverb
  • Filters with and without ProcessorDuplicator
  • Multifilter band control, kind of like an equalizer
  • Custom look and feels

I have been able to build all of these by myself, with no aid of youtube videos but a little help from the juce community.

The real thing i struggle with is coming up with project ideas that are more advanced and harder to develop. So far i have used 80%+ of the DSP classes and a multitude of other juce classes but… and i know this may sound a little stupid, i feel as though i am cheating myself by using predefined processors and stuff. like DSP for example, i feel like its cheating to use the predefined Compressor and WaveShaper and so on.
but i also do not know how i should approach this and what i should build next.

I know this is maybe not such a great question for here as it isnt bug related, feature related or help needed wth a specific juce class so i apologize in advance if this is a misfitting topic.

It is not a problem for me. :grin: I have more ideas than time to do them.
For instance you could implement a free module for JUCE to edit/render score notation.
I never finished mine!

Is it in order to find a job? Are you an hobbyist, a student? You seems focused to DSP.

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not to find a job, no. I just simply enjoy developing cool stuff. My dream was always to build a powerful game engine which im sure youre aware is an almost impossible task for a solo developer :laughing: and of course with the likes of Unreal Engine 5 it is simply impossible to reach a level of the new standard.

instead, i have focused my free time on building audio plugins and one day hope to build a powerful DAW using Tracktion or maybe even an artifically intelligent mixing tool for newer producers to help with their mixing :+1:

Instead of spending a lots of time in your own stuff, you could contribute to a FLOSS software.

But sadly with JUCE i’m not aware of any fun project. There’s JUCE fork focused onto Linux such as FalkTX’s one, but not very exciting if a LV2 port is not your favorite game. There’s a bunch of personnal projects reported in that forum but it’s most of time one-man works not friendly to contribute to.

Is there any?

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The collection of surge synths, dexed, and a bunch of other open synths are juce based and foss.

Yep that’s true, thanks for the info.

IIRC there was a list of projects on the JUCE site, but i don’t find it anymore. Am i dumb?

If you want to do some cool DSP, write a timestretch tool. It comes in many levels of difficulty. There are plenty of papers on the topic but not so much public good reference code.

If you want to learn a shit load about computers though, i highly recommend a stint at trying to write an operating system … get started here: Expanded Main Page - OSDev Wiki I can’t recommend the experience enough. Especially if you want a break from your friends and family for a year :slight_smile:


It’s not cheating to use out-of-box juce modules for building effects. The next step would be to modify them in hope of creating your own signature sound, so go ahead and do that.

Know how to implement IIR filters? Good. Now create your own filter designs instead.
Heard of FIR filters? Make an app that lets you draw your own designs directly from a GUI component.
Are you happy with the results of your distortion effect? See how close you can get it to sound pure analog. People love that.
Master at creating a single delay line? Build a stereo ping-pong delay with smooth reaction to real time parameter changes.
Design your own reverb algorithm.
Build VU meters and a frequency analyzer.
Create pitch shifters with and without FFT.
Use LFOs and ADSRs to modulate everything you can think of.

If you’re looking for a GUI challenge, try to design the worst volume control UI in the world.


Sonos and spotify have almost achieved this in a commerical product :slight_smile:


Yeah so at

Surge Synthesizer Team · GitHub we have

  • surge and surge-fx-bank
  • stochas
  • monique
  • tuning workbench synth

which are all FOSS juce 6 products

dexed (GitHub - asb2m10/dexed: DX7 FM multi plaform/multi format plugin) and odin2 (TheWaveWarden) are other popular FOSS synths which are JUCE6 based. Vital/Vitalium has source available also.

So plenty of great synths to look at if you want to learn JUCE.

In surge land, we are always happy to have developers contribute to our projects. if that’s of interest, hop on the surge discord.