Improvements for ProJucer

I'm trying to get my project to build with ProJucer. It builds fine i xcode7 so it should work. I get a few errors though.

The problem is I can't really see the cause of the problems. I really miss seing the stack leading to the errors.

I get quite a few files (including from JUCE) giving the error "enumerator evaluates to -<somethingreallylow> which cannot be narrowed to uint32_t".

Oh b.t.w. feature request, be able to copy paste from error messages/build output.

Something like a raw llvm/clang output or better handling of the full error would make troubleshooting a lot easier.

In a nice xcode manner it points to the wrong line :)

It's surprisingly hard to get the line numbers right!

Thanks, we'll see what we can do. Usually it seems to go wrong when there's a mix of CR/LF characters in the file, or if you're editing it while the compiler's going.

Hello! We submitted a fix for the enum narrowing issue some time ago, are you using the tip?

Hope this helps.

This is the latest avaible from, tested today.

Finder says ProJucer was build 4th of November. ChangeList.txt says 4.0.1

I had to google to find that page though... is there a link on "Get JUCE" is not get juce at all, it's buy JUCE.

It would be nice to have a version number in ProJucer GUI b.t.w.

(We're building a 4.0.2 later today)

In Projucer, if you close any text editors, there is a version number on the window background, under the logo.


Perhaps we should make the version number more apparent, you're not the only one to miss it.

I've totally missed that one. Looking forward to try out 4.0.2.

It might be good to add the version number to the zip-file and/or the download page too.

I'm running 4.0.2 here now and no difference. Same errors as before.

Same Error again and again and again....

anyone know what's going on with these enum errors?

Try to update your JUCE repo, Jules commited a work-around for these..

I just downloaded the 4.1 version on ProJucer and updated the modules as well.

I'm not sure if the enum-issue is solved or not since the compiling goes on for some files and then crashes.

The error cleans away which files were built and say:


Jit process crashed!:

Invalid abbrev number


and a restart-button.



....and there I manage to get the build to go all the way through, with the only difference is that I turned off "show warnings".


.. so the enum issue seems to be solved indeed, nice!.

Now you have another issue instead ;)