In case it helps someone: changes when upgrading OS/X to 10.8

Hello.  Just went through an annoying debugging session when I upgraded my machine from 10.6 to 10.8 and thought I could save someone else some time.

Two major changes happened which screwed me up.

In 10.6, if you started a Juce application from XCode, you would get an empty command line.  In 10.8, you get a command line like this:

 -NSDocumentRevisionsDebugMode YES

and unfortunately this subtly broke things.

The other thing, even more annoying, is that "localhost" seems to not work any more.  I used to open sockets with the "localhost" symbol, and that worked fine - but now you need to explicitly specify "".

I really don't know if this happened in 10.7, 10.8, or is some interaction with JUCE, but I thought I'd post this so someone with either issue might find it in a search.

This is because JUCE doesn’t know about the Document Versions switch in the Xcode Scheme options. To make it go away, select the Scheme via the Product/Scheme/Edit Scheme… menu and the relevant build types (e.g. Run or Profile), select Options at the top, and untick the box between “Document Versions” and “Allow debugging when using document Versions Browser”. This corresponds to the debugDocumentVersioning parameters in the xcscheme. I don’t yet know how to turn it off from the .jucer so I am stripping it from the command-line if it turns up there.

Sorry I can’t help with the localhost issue.