Including Xcode sub-projects via Introjucer

Hi, is it possible to include sub-projects into an Xcode project via Introjucer? I am experimenting with React Native and JUCE and each React component is included via its own Xcode project (see attachment). 

It would be nice to be able to set this via Introjucer also. 


This should help:

Would be a nice feature, but a big change to the Introjucer project structure, and would need to be cross-platform, so not trivial to do!

I'm not asking for a cross platform way of having Introjucer sub projects, but an xcode specific setting to declare xcode sub projects. Otherwise i need to drag all the subproject dependencies into the project each time i save in Introjucer. 

Oh, I see. So you're just after a textbox where you can enter a list of sub-projects? Bit busy to look at it right now, but if you want to have a go, it could be a simple thing that we could add..

Sure, I'm happy to have a look at it - just been learning the Xcode project structure and it doesn't look too bad :)

Adding a list of Xcode sub-projects to the Introducer would be an interesting feature indeed.

Similarlly on Windows could we specify a list of vcxproj to add to the sln ?


​I ended up going a different route - using CocoaPods to install React Native instead. I think its a better solution over nested Xcode projects, at least for integrating RN with JUCE projects.

I think nested Xcode Projects are useful. We actually have use cases for them here at ROLI. So I think I will add them as an option to the Introjucer.

Sounds good !

How about vcxproj for VS ? It may be more tricky to add this feature to Introjucer, to be compatible with all VS versions ?

Yep... one step at a time :-)

OK, I just had a look at nested Xcode projects, and yes I could implement this in Introjucer. However I also just found this:

Xcode Workspaces

This looks like a much cleaner solution to the same problem. You can keep those workspaces independent and don't have to mess with the Xcode projects or Introjucer files at all. So instead of implementing nested Xcode projects I'd recommend to use workspaces instead!