Inputchannel 0 cause playback crash in jucedemo.exe


In the tag juce tags:version1_46, jucedemo.exe has the following prolem.

I use the jucedemo audio part, and I open “show audio setting”, and choose audio device line 6(I use it), and choose deselect Inputchannels(I do not choose any inputchannels). then I browse a wav file, and press play.
The jucedemo crashes.
However, I just download latest one from the subsersion, and it works when I do not select any inputchannles.(numInputChannels =0);
In older version jucedemo.exe, it has problem that if we need to playback, we need set the inputchannels not to zero. However, the playback do not involve any input channels.
So could anyone give me some help?