Intel IPP Libraries in Xcode

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that the Projucer has an option in the Visual Studio exporter for enabling the Intel IPP linking functionality (which is tacked on to VS as part of the IPP installation). Is there any reason the same option has not been added to the Xcode exporter?

This link explains how to add all of the required flags to an Xcode project, for all the static/dynamic and single/multi-threaded combinations, and it looks like it is simply a case of hard-coding those search paths and library names in the exporter.

I’ve attached a diff file which shows how it can be done, but obviously there’s stuff in there which can (and really should!) be made generic between both exporters:
diff.txt (3.9 KB)

Any chance this being added to the Projucer? Properly written, of course :stuck_out_tongue:.