Introjucer borked?

On OS X, compiling introjucer off current tip, saving a project raises an assertion:

Loading project: /Users/adam/NewProject/NewProject.jucer
JUCE Assertion failure in jucer_Project.cpp:849
Printing description of compiledFile.fullPath:
(juce::String) fullPath = {
  text = (data = "/Users/adam/JUCE/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/VST3/")

I noticed that was <a href="">removed</a> from github.

I am just doing something wrong?

No.. We've all been happily using it since that revision.. (?)

That file was indeed removed, but that's OK. Are you using a set of module files whose version matches the version of the introjucer?

Same problem here with Introjucer built from source (downloaded zip last Friday, 23rd).

Will now recompile everything using today's version from github

Yes, we don't update the zip very often - will be updating it next week, but the github tip is always the best thing to use.

all fine using the latest github code state

It seems the problem is that { "file": "VST3/", "target": "xcode" } exists in modules/audio_plugin_client/juce_module_info, but was removed, leading to the assertion mentioned in the OP.

I guess I shouldn't be running The Introjucer from XCode, but that's just how I've been doing it for years.

Ah, thanks! That line should have been removed, I'll tidy that up right now..