Introjucer broken in OS X?

The Introjucer insists that the XCode export target contains the linker flags “/FORCE:multiple” (which seems intended for MSVC?).
XCode 3.2.6 (old for building ppc too) doesn’t like this setting and I have to then manually remove it in xcode.

But the Introjucer doesn’t let me remove it - probly due to

if (!exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags().toString().contains ("/FORCE:multiple"))
    exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags() = exporter.getExtraLinkerFlags().toString() + " /FORCE:multiple";

This is with Introjucer from today, last commit 8f9549a4a7f2e422069d37914aaa4250dc5c8172.
Cheers, Yair

Doh! Sorry, will fix that!

thx for the quick fix!