Introjucer projects won't link under OS X / iOS

I just updated to the 2.1.1 source and now that I have saved my project with the new Introjucer the result compiles and links just fine with Windows, but gives hundreds of undefined symbols on link with OS X or iOS using XCode 4.6.3 on OS X 10.8.3.

If I go back to the old xcodeproj file created with the older version of Introjucer (without the GUI Tools menu) the same exact source compiles and links just fine for both OS X and iOS. This is basically a show stopper for me using the Introjucer, since it renders my project unlinkable (is that a word?).

Any ideas what might be going on and how to fix it?

Thank you,

David A. Hoatson

The new IntroJucer does work David. Maybe you’d care to share what some of the undefined symbols are?


Edit - maybe you should try a new project, and see how to get that to compile, then move back to your existing project. It’s probably something like a path to Juce.

Yes - it certainly works, otherwise there’d be a lot of people moaning!

But unless you actually say what the error is, nobody’s going to be able to help!

Turns out it was something to do with 2.1.1 updating Introjucer, but the project was still somehow using some of the older parts of Juce. I had to completely reinstall Juce (pull a complete copy from Git) to fix the issue.

There was no use in putting up the error messages from the linker, since it was basically every single Juce function that was undefined.


David A. Hoatson