Linker error on iOS project after latest updates


After updating to the latest this week, my project's iOS build is broken (still works on OSX). I get the following linker error. I also rebuilt Introjucer and it did not help:


Undefined symbols for architecture i386:

  "juce::XmlElement::prependChildElement(juce::XmlElement*)", referenced from:

      juce::KnownPluginList::createXml() const in juce_audio_processors.o

      juce::TreeViewItem::getOpennessState(bool) const in juce_gui_basics.o

ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386


thanks! -n

That's not a problem in the library - you've probably got a mismatch between versions of your headers + cpps or some other kind of file version mix-up.

hmm, ok. not sure what would have changed on my side, will dig deeper. Thanks Jules.

Found the problem. For some reason Introjucer was no longer using the correct folder to "juce" my project with juce modules, so it appeared that everything was up to date, but it wasn't. I had to manually replace the modules in my project with the latest version pulled from git, and this solved the issue. I'm not sure if this was user error or an Introjucer bug.