Introjucer creating Xcode wrong paths

When adding source to project and creating a local copy, the source tree points to the juce folder version of modules and not the local version of modules

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create new project using introjucer
  2. Make sure “Add source to project” and “Create Local Copy” are checked for all the modules
  3. Save project
  4. Open Project in Xcode
  5. Click on Juce Modules > juce_core > text > juceCharacterFunctions.cpp
  6. Right click the source code in the code editor and select “Show in Finder”

You will see that the path is to the juce folder when it should be to the local version.

Is this based on the code I checked in yesterday? (I completely re-wrote that stuff over the last few days)

Yes it was ( 2.0.8 ).