Introjucer : graphics bug and small feature request

Hi jules,

- the bug :
When I create a subcomponent in the introjucer, and drag it around or change its size with the mouse, its coordinates and size are correctly updated in the "properties area".
This is not the case with graphic elements such as ellipses or rectangles. do you see what I mean?

- the feature request :
When setting up a gradient, it would be great if we could define its coordinates relative to the component it is being applied, and not to the parent of that component.
That way, when we move around a component which has a gradient, or dupplicate it somewhere else, we would not have to move the coordinates of the gradient afterwards. does that make sense to you?


Thanks, I've fixed the updating problem now.

It's a good feature request, but I'm too busy to do it at the moment. Why not have a go yourself? I always hoped that people would get a bit more involved in tweaking the introjucer to add features that they'd find useful, but most people seem to be surprisingly passive about using it.