Introjucer workflow on Windows

How do people use introjucer in Windows?  On the Mac when I hit save and load in Introjucer  I get the same Xcode session updated with the new project file.  In Windows I get a second, useless, copy of Visual Studio loading with a bunch of warnings about locks :) 

Is there some way where I don't have to exit VIsualStudio first - or do I just need to learn that as a new habit? 


Whenever I'm using it, I just save in the introjucer, and VS picks up the changes without needing to tell it to reload the project. Doesn't that work for you? (Same with Xcode actually)

Woah.  That's magic.  Okay ... just 'save'.

How many hours have I wasted on that one.  

VS handles changes to source files fine, but if the solution or project is changed by IJ it will sometimes close all open editor windows. Nothing's broken, you just lose your place and have to re-open some editor windows. You can get around that by closing VS before doing the save/open from IJ.