Investment in the Audio Software Industry

Over the last 3 Months I’ve been working hard trying to get my own Audio Software Company DirektDSP off the ground. I’ve been using things like the Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads to try and promote my brand and my software.

I’ve found that my most successful way of gaining sales is through platforms like KVRAudio as opposed to the general internet (no surprise there) but the main issue I have is a lack of funding. I’m currently running this whole thing on my own money and I want to try grow it out into something bigger and better. On platforms like KVR where advertising costs a minimum of around €600 I’ve been looking for some way to get investors or grow in other ways on the internet.

Any advice, links to sites, groups or other ways to find the group of people investing in the Audio Industry or just advice on marketing and growing would be super helpful.

Thanks, Seamus