iOS App icon shows with white border around it

I can’t figure out why my icon is showing with a white border around it.

I created a full bleed 1024px icon (along with a 128px version). I attach them in my CMakeList file in the juce_add_plugin() call with ICON_LARGE and ICON_SMALL. After generating the Xcode project with CLion/CMake, I can see both sizes in the Images.xcassetts, and some of them are full bleed, and some have the border around them.

In Xcode…

And in the iPad simulator…

Any ideas?

@reuk I’m guessing this has something to do with the way juce_add_plugin() creates the icon set?

Following up here…If I don’t use ICON_SMALL and only attach a 1024px image to ICON_BIG, there’s no incorrect border and all of the icons in the set look proper in Xcode. One small issue though, Xcode shows a warning sign saying, “The app icon set AppIcon has an unassigned child”. Not sure what that means, but all the icons look right.

So, there’s some bug in the way Juce generates the icon set when using ICON_SMALL.

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@pizzafilms are you using latest JUCE? I didn’t test it yet and haven’t update my iOS app for a while now. But there was some changes since August related to CoreGraphics such as:

Yes, I’m up to date on develop.

I don’t think that’s the same issue. I’m pretty sure that this is related to whatever JUCE utility creates the icon set for Xcode. I’m using CLion/CMake to generate the Xcode project, which in turn uses the Juce CMake code.