Is anybody still releasing a 32 bit version of their plugin these days?

Is 32 bit a serious consideration these days?

And if so, is it best to save a different instance of the Projucer file and alter that, rather than add an exporter to the existing 64bit vst3 projucer project?

The vst2 agreement is no longer available to sign, so I’m only doing VST3, AU, and hopefully AAX.

FWIW: We stopped making 32 bit plugins six years ago.

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Most people who still need 32bit plugins use cracks of old DAWs (Cubase 5 etc.) but even if you wanted to support them (we can’t be too mad, most of them are newbs) there are also a lot of more modern cracks already, so I’d say it’s pretty safe to say no one needs 32bit anymore

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The 32-bit users I sometimes have discussions with those with old TDM Pro Tools rigs that they spent a fortune on and don’t want to let go. So I think there are legitimate reasons for asking beyond people using pirated hosts. Nevertheless, I don’t build for 32-bit now, but do maintain a legacy builds page for those that really want to use it.