"JIT Process has stopped responding"

I am on Windows 10 with latest VS Community, and latest Juce version - I am currently experiencing an error stating “JIT process has stopped responding”. I have followed advice as on this thread:


However these recommendations have not fixed this issue for me. Does anyone know of how to fix this?

Also - I am new to this and am not sure how to commence the application without having to use Projucer? Can it be built in Visual Studio alone?

Hello, I have exactly the same issue … I am on windows 10 and I just download the last version of VS 2017 (also tried with CodeBlock) and Juce. The JIT process stops responding with nearly all of the examples: directly after building if my block is connected, few second later without. Does someone know how to deal with this issue ?? It would be really helpfull … Thank you!! @DamienBradley did you fix the issue ?