Juce 1.3.7 Demo won't build. Missing file

I just downloaded Juce 1.3.7 and I can’t seem to build the demo.

[jos@dhcppc0 linux] pwd /home/jos/Juce137/juce/demo/build/linux [jos@dhcppc0 linux] make
==== Building JuceDemo ====
make[1]: *** No rule to make target ../../src/BinaryData.cpp', needed bybuild/intermediate/Debug/BinaryData.o’. Stop.
make: *** [JuceDemo] Error 2
[jos@dhcppc0 linux]$

BinaryData.cpp seems to be missing. ‘find’ can’t locate it.

Any ideas?


Sorry, it looks like that file didn’t make it into the archive for some reason… I’ve updated it now, so if you want to download again it should be fine