JUCE 2.0 dmg - doesn't launch, OS 10.6.8

I grabbed the JUCE 2.0 pre-built binary from sourceforge, unpacked and copied the app to my applications folder. I’ve just run software updates and am completely up to date. Jucer will not launch. I double click the icon w/i my /Applications folder, the Jucer icon bounces on my dock for a moment that vanishes and I’m left with an error:

Jucer cannot be opened because of a problem
Check with the developer to make sure Jucer works with this version of Mac OS X.
You may need to reinstall the application (tried that)
Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X (tried that)

I get the following in console when attempting to launch Jucer:

11/1/12 2:28:04 PM [0x0-0x34034].com.yourcompany.Jucer[342] dyld: Symbol not found: __tlv_bootstrap
11/1/12 2:28:04 PM [0x0-0x34034].com.yourcompany.Jucer[342] Referenced from: /Applications/JUCEr/Jucer.app/Contents/MacOS/Jucer
11/1/12 2:28:04 PM [0x0-0x34034].com.yourcompany.Jucer[342] Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
11/1/12 2:28:04 PM [0x0-0x34034].com.yourcompany.Jucer[342] in /Applications/JUCEr/Jucer.app/Contents/MacOS/Jucer
11/1/12 2:28:08 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[91] ([0x0-0x34034].com.yourcompany.Jucer[342]) Job appears to have crashed: Trace/BPT trap
11/1/12 2:28:10 PM ReportCrash[346] Saved crash report for Jucer[342] version 1.0.0 (1.0.0) to /Users/admin/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Jucer_2012-11-01-142809_sgStatus.crash

That version is pretty old now, and there’s not much point posting about it - you’ll have much better luck grabbing the latest version and using that.

(double post)

got it. I’m new here. Help me out.

The downloads page above states:
“You can download a zip file containing the last stable release from the JUCE downloads section on SourceForge”

Sourceforge says:
“Looking for the latest version? Download juce_2_0.zip (5.8 MB)”

so that’s what I grabbed (but the pre-built binaries, not the zip) . What should I grab instead?

Info here:

Smart folk just use GIT to get it, but there are links on there for GIT-deniers too.

“smart folks” also tend to prefer stable over bleeding edge releases.
You could have just said use the bleeding edge version, not the stable instead of pasting the same link I quoted your text from :slight_smile:

Fair point! With juce the bleeding edge does tend to be pretty stable though.

Thanks, Jules. I’m no stranger to your project as I’ve been developing ctrlr panels for a few years which use your libraries. I wanted to dig deeper into your offerings which have proven to me to be incredibly ground breaking. Thanks for the ultra-fast replies, btw.