Juce 5, Visual Studio 2015 Incompatible?

In Visual Studio 2015, after compiled JucedemoPlugin, juce 5.0.2 version, i have this error:

c:\juce\modules\juce_audio_processors\processors/juce_AudioProcessor.cpp(691): error C2059: syntax error: ‘}’ (compiling source file …\JuceLibraryCode\include_juce_audio_processors.cpp).

After Downloded and installed Visual Studio 2017, no more error. Perfect compilation!

I meeting this explication:

It’s only valid in the C99 dialect of C—it’s invalid in C89 and in all versions of C++. Microsoft Visual Studio’s C compiler is not C99-compliant, so it will not be able to compile that code. You must either convert the code to use C89 or C++, or use a different compiler which supports C99.

Conclusion: VS 2017 have C99-compilant support…VS 2015, dont!

Please see this thread:

thank you! :wink: