JUCE and VS2017 vs VS Code

Can JUCE be used with the free Windows ‘Visual Studio Code’ version of Visual Studio? I had been learning JUCE using the Visual Studio 2017 download, thinking VS2017 was the “free” version. Once it’s 30 day ‘trial’ period ended, I tried to continue learning JUCE after downloading the free VS Code version but JUCE still tries (and fails) to open VS2017 and end when it finds it expired. Is there a setting I can change so JUCE uses the VS Code edition instead?

JUCE doesn’t do anything with VS Code out of the box - VS Code is a plain text editor. Also, VS Code has little do do with VS2017 outside name and appearance.

VS2017 is free and what you should be using with JUCE. Use the “Community” edition (assuming you meet the terms and conditions), and log in with a (free) Microsoft account.

I’ve been unable to locate a version of Visual Studio that is actually free. Every time I’ve tried I end up with a 30 day trial version. Any suggestions on finding the free version?

If you download VS2017 Community and log in with your Microsoft account, it is perpetually free.

If you don’t log in, it operates in trial mode.

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