Visual Studio 2017 support

At present time, a requirement to run Juce on MS Windows is Visual Studio 2015. Would it be possible to use Visual Studio 2017 instead though (under my own risk)?

VS2017 has been supported for quite some time.

I’ve been using the latest preview versions of Visual Studio 2017 for a long time. Visual Studio 2015 might be the minimum requirement for JUCE, maybe…? Projucer supports exporting Visual Studio 2017 solutions/projects fine.

VS2017 works great. I use it every day with JUCE. No issues.

Well, that is great. Thanks, Cpr (!)

Thank you, Xenakios. In the Juce website it says VS 2015. It does not say VS 2015 or higher; therefore I wasn’t sure…

Greetings, HugoMas

Dear bwall,

thanks. Then I go for it. Install and use VS 2017 Community.

Greetings from Germany,