JUCE for iOS project?



I have an iOS project that I want to start working on and am considering incorporating JUCE. I have a couple of questions that maybe some JUCE veterans can help me out with. The project is going to be a very basic synth/sampler. What I am wondering is:

  1. Is it possible to use the native UIKit classes for the GUI and the JUCE classes for audio, midi, etc.? Has anyone attempted this? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of?

  2. I compiled the JUCE demo for iOS and was playing with the synth in the audio demo. I noticed that polyphony was not working either in the simulator, or an actual device (iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.1) even though the demo code appears to support it. I couldn’t tell if it was an issue with the GUI not handling multitouch correctly, or on the audio/midi engine side. Can anyone confirm whether JUCE supports polyphonic instruments in iOS?

Any other advice or tips are welcome as well.

  1. Yes - someone I know is working on a project like that at the moment, it’s no problem at all.

  2. polyphony has nothing at all to do with the OS or audio system! All the synth classes are of course polyphonic, but the on-screen keyboard isn’t!