Juce_mac_cameradevice broken


It still has links to QTCaptureDevice and old Quicktime stuff… should be replaced for the AVMedia thing…


Yep, we’ll do that soon.


thanks jules, hope is an easy fix


Any news on this? thanks in advance


Yeah, sorry, still on the to-do list, I’m afraid…


thanks, we’re on pins and needles here, have a project stuck for a week now cause of this


any chance you add flip camera to the createviewercomponent? need to have mirror camera…


That’s a good FR, we should certainly add it. Presumably it’s something the APIs all support pretty easily.


will be awesome if we could overlay light components over it, and add AffineTransforms to the returned component, QTView was pretty sucky…


hi guys, any news on this? its been 15 days now from initial report, any chance this can get wrapped soon? i mean its really broken since months ago (since the AVF update)


Yep, I know. Will get onto it asap…