JUCE nag screen in the corner of plug-in

Just upgraded to JUCE 5 and also paid for the subscription. There is a small window appearing in the bottom corner, which I imagine is present when you are on the free tier. However, having paid for the pro tier, it is still appearing. I’ve rebuilt the plugin. Is there a way to remove it easily over digging into the juce framework. It’s going to be a massive inconvenience if I have to rebuild the xcode project using projucer in order to remove this nag screen as I only use projucer for creating the boilerplate generic project and have lots of other additonal compiler flags and search paths set in xcode…

In AppConfig.h you can set JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN to 0 (but read the license text in the file before you change it).


Ok, great thanks @Rail_Jon_Rogut