How to remove Made with Juce from SplashScreen with build machine?

Hi Everyone,

I have the license for the JUCE on my local machine so when I run my application on my local machine, I never see Made with JUCE splash screen.
But I use github actions for my automatic build pipeline and when it is done and I run it, I see the SplashScreen on my plugin.
How can I build my plugin in Github action without seeing the splash screen?
I really appreciate any guidance.

Thank you

You can disable the splash screen be defining JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN=0 in either CMake or the Projucer, what ever your CI is using.

Hi @ImJimmi
Thanks for the response.
In my jucer file I cannot find the flag. This is what I have

<JUCERPROJECT id="fAyxGb" name="MyPlugins" projectType="audioplug" useAppConfig="0"
              addUsingNamespaceToJuceHeader="0" jucerFormatVersion="1" displaySplashScreen="0"
              pluginChannelConfigs="{2,2}" version="3.0.0" companyName="MyCompany"
              companyEmail="" companyWebsite=""
              companyCopyright="2021" pluginVST3Category="Fx,Generator" pluginFormats="buildAAX,buildAU,buildStandalone,buildVST3"
              pluginCharacteristicsValue="pluginWantsMidiIn" pluginAUMainType="'aumf'"
              bundleIdentifier="com.mycompany.myplugin" pluginAAXCategory="8192">

So I can only see displaySplashScreen which is already set to 0. When I run and build locally, it is fine without any issue but when I use github action that happens.
Also for github actions, I already generated my Builds folder (MacOSX) and that’s what I am using to build my Mac build.

If you’re using Projucer, then it’ll presumably be that you’re not signed in on your build node so the displaySplashScreen will get set back to 1.

You can add extra definitions in the Projucer’s settings menu under Preprocessor definitions.

Thanks you very much.
It did solve the problem. Really appreciate it.