JUCE logo pops up where it shouldn't

I have a bizarre problem. On the latest iOS version of my app that I published, users are telling me that they can see the JUCE logo pop up when they start the app. Note that I do indeed have an indie license and have the ‘display Juce splash screen’ set to default (disabled).

Is there any safe way to modify the splash screen code to manually stop this from happening?


Are you logged in in the producer when you export to your ide?

I can’t remember, it’s possible.

If you’re not logged into the projucer I think it will enable it on export.

Well, when I do an App Store build, I do use a python build script rather than exporting via the Projucer GUI. It is possible that the Projucer was closed when I created that build.

Based on what you have said I’ll ensure the Projucer is open and logged in when I run my build script. Many thanks for the info.

I have the same issue. I had always enabled gpl license instead of the splash screen, but today it suddenly showed the splash screen. I found out I wasn’t logged in, so I did that, but then I got an error message saying i have an incompatible license and splash screen setting, so i enabled splash screen for now and pulled the latest JUCE version, but it’s still the same