Get rid juce logo

Hello, Is it possible to get rid of Juce logo on the bottom right corner on each of my plugins?
And if yes, how to do that? Is it allowed at all? Forgot to mention I have JUCE Personal (free) license.
I am asking also because often I have some parameter or button in that place, and if I don’t wait enough, and click on the button it takes me to the Juce website which is annoying.

According to, when you have a Personal license, you cannot remove the JUCE splashscreen (that’s the official name of the logo on the bottom right corner).

You could consider using JUCE under the terms of the GPLv3 license. In that case, you can remove the JUCE splashscreen, but you have to publish your own code under the GPLv3 license.

or change the location of the splash screen? As long as it’s shown, I guess it doesn’t matter where on the screen?

Hey leehu, thanks for reply, but could give me hint how to change it? Where the logo is defined in the code?

Hi, i’m not at my computer currently, but I’m guessing if you search the code for jucesplashscreen or similar you should find it

Ok, thanks

modules/juce_gui_basics/misc/juce_JUCESplashScreen.{h,cpp} contains the following:

   In accordance with the terms of the JUCE 5 End-Use License Agreement, the
   JUCE Code in SECTION A cannot be removed, changed or otherwise rendered
   ineffective unless you have a JUCE Indie or Pro license, or are using JUCE
   under the GPL v3 license.

   End User License Agreement:

Thus you cannot change the position of the JUCE splashscreen as long as you have a Personal license.

Ok, thanks McMartin, so I need to live with that :slight_smile: maybe sometime I’ll become proffesional and buy better license. :slight_smile:

ah ok, I stand corrected - didn’t think they’d object to that