JUCE programmer vacancy

We (http://deviousmachines.com) need some help. Initially as a contract, possibly a full time role if things go well.

Work includes our next product, debugging/minor feature enhancements to existing plugins and supporting us on a couple of our contracts.


  • You write clean, crash-proof and maintainable JUCE code.*
  • Ninja debugging skills.
  • You are in a UK compatible timezone
  • You have at least 4 days a week available for us for the foreseeable future
  • Some music production expertise
  • Great communication skills and work ethic
  • Basic DSP expertise.
  • GIT does not scare you

Useful but not essential:

  • Mastery of threads
  • Advanced DSP
  • An eye for graphic design details
  • HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Wordpress
  • A Mac and a Windows box.

Drop me a PM with a code example you are proud of, a CV or linkedin profile link and your expectations regarding rates.

If you could knock up a volume control and peak metering plugin in half a day, with smoothing and guaranteeing not to miss any peaks, you’d meet our minimum experience requirements - although if you have more experience we definitely have more complicated work!

You’d be working remotely with Dom and myself. We both work from home in Surrey, UK and communicate through slack and skype mainly.


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