JUCE Subscription Termination: What Happens?

What exactly happens when one cancels a subscription?


  • 2018: JUCE Licensee distributes a JUCE-enabled App v1.0.
  • 2019: JUCE Licensee cancels subscription and drops support of App v1.0.
  • Reason for cancellation: dropping JUCE in App v2.0, going out of business, etc.

Section 8.6 “Term and Termination” of the JUCE 5 EULA (https://juce.com/juce-5-license) provides some clues. Two questions:

1> Are previously distributed copies of App v1.0 now in violation of the JUCE license?

2> How does one do this: “return … all copies of the [JUCE SDK] then in your possession… and, in the case of destruction, certify to us that you have done so.”?


The usual legal caveat applies to this post: the JUCE 5 EULA contains the actual terms and conditions of the license, not the content of this message which is a summary.

  1. Previously distributed copies of the app are not in violation of the license.

A JUCE license gives you the right to distribute software containing JUCE. If your subscription is terminated then you no longer have a JUCE license and you cannot continue distributing software containing JUCE under the terms of the JUCE license. You can, however, distribute you app under the terms of the GPLv3 license (the JUCE source code is dual-licensed).

If you purchase a perpetual license you can continue distributing software containing JUCE indefinitely.

  1. Our lawyers insisted upon that rather cumbersome wording.

You don’t need to return any copies of the JUCE SDK and we don’t need to see a certificate of destruction. We’ve never had to resort to auditing any of our users.

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