JUCE Tutorials

Are there any tutorials now for JUCE? I got HelloWorld to compile and modified it a bit, but now I’m going to try to do something a bit more complex.

Don’t think so.

Most of us here aren’t that much in front of you in learning JUCE.

You can grab the code for Karbon’s SetPchild rewrite and look through it.

Wish I had time to do some tutorials.

Best bet is to get the jucedemo source code and look through that.

Yeah, don’t waste your time with tutorials, just hurry up with T2. :smiley:

this is the JUCE forum, not the tracktion forum. We all want tracktion updates, but there’s no need to bash Jules even more with this nonsense.

No bashing here, just saying I’d rather have T2 and learn JUCE myself than have tutorials.