New tutorials coming soon?

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether there might be new tutorials posted on the JUCE website anytime soon? I feel like the previous tutorials were very helpful but it would be nice to have even more to further guide people towards getting a handle of JUCE.

What isn’t covered? There’s many tutorials, and many demo applications that ship with the JUCE framework. There’s more than enough to get a handle on JUCE, imo.

Hey Bruce. This is Shaikat. We met at NAMM last year. Anyways, I suppose you are right. I was looking for more complete synthesizers which I could study. Found a few projects on github but would be nice to have more examples for sure.

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small world! if you search github, I’m sure you’ll find some juicy open-source repos. :slight_smile:

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I have over 30 tutorials on Juce and a developer community on Discord where we trade ideas and help each other out. Come find us at

See you there!


As it happens we do have more tutorials coming soon :slight_smile: If all goes to plan they will be available in a week or so.


Great to hear that Tom. Hope we might be able to expect some tutorials on how to get the most out of the new DSP features.

Roughly 30 new JUCE tutorials were just released here!



Thank you. These are great tutorials!

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Yes, the new tutoriaals are wonderful

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