Juce VS solution files

It’s weird nobody mentioned that already but here we go :

When using Juce .sln files or the new jucer generated .sln files, they don’t open in VS (at least the 2008)
The cause and fix is simple : they all start with a blank line which must be removed in order to work. Just thought it needed to be mentioned somewhere. Or am I the only one to face this problem ?

I can certainly remove the blank line… but I use VS2008 myself and they’ve always loaded just fine for me (?)

Are your sln files associated with “Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector” ? Or directly to VS2008 (or devenv or whatever ) ?
It seems related only to the version selector. See this blog post for example : http://wallism.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/studio-version-selector-failure/

Ah, I see. Nice job there, Microsoft!

I’ll remove the blank line from the jucer generation code - I guess I just put it there because there was one in the project that I was using as an example.