Juce looks really good. I finally got the jitter out of windows, and felt like doing a GUI app, and Juce looks to be a good alternative to do some RAD. Also a mainpoint is that it says it will compile natively on linux, which is my favorite platform. Currently on Windows XP though, because more professional software is available there. Intel E5 workstations are by the way, very good, and tweaked XP = 5uS DPC latency, and perfect 1ms streams. Untweaked 15uS DPC, and maybe some very minor jitter, in jitter sensitive applications, such as Doom 3 who does 3 passes to OpenGL.

Anyway I am going to give this a try. To be quite honest, I haven`t bothered looking much around for information, so any quicklinks for the Most Rapid Development would be appreciated.