Jucer generated indents

Hi Jules,

would it be possible to use tabs for indents in the jucer generated files? I usually use a tab size of two spaces, so all Jucer (new and old) generated files have a different indent size which results in something between some work changing the indents or not that nice to look at files.


Why on earth would you use 2-space tabs??

Habit. I have used this for quite a while (might be related to the smaller screen sizes in the old days but can’t remember) and am unwilling to change. :slight_smile:


I’d actually say it’s a bad policy to use fewer than 4 spaces for tabs.

If your tabs are small, it means that deeply-indented code doesn’t look quite so bad, whereas if you’re using larger tabs, you’ll hopefully notice when there’s a big amount of whitespace down the left hand side, and take it as a sign that your code’s badly organised.

I can see the influence to coding style but nonetheless I prefere a smaller tab size. It’s not only the overall indent but the indent to the next line where I prefer a shorter size as being better readable.


Fair enough! Your request is noted, but due to my hatred of tab characters it’ll be a very very low priority, I’m afraid!